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HVAC Contractors

Strategically control unfortunate events with a business partner that understands your unique risk profile.

Take control of common risks for HVAC Contractors

An HVAC contractor’s job isn’t easy. In a crowded marketplace, it takes consistent effort to stand out to both customers and qualified workers.

You’ve likely dealt with most of these challenges – and then some.

  • Attracting clients in your competitive industry
  • Recruiting and retaining skilled workers
  • Seasonal fluctuations in demand
  • Staying up-to-date on new technologies

All these challenges have one thing in common: If not handled properly, they could expose your business to risk.

How would your day look different if you had an industry expert on speed dial to talk you through these issues as they arose?

Managing risks for HVAC Contractors goes beyond insurance

Filing an insurance claim is reactive. It can minimize your financial loss from an incident but doesn’t improve your long-term efficiency or profitability. If your current insurance provider is simply fielding claims, you’re missing the rest of the puzzle.

What will help you make business decisions that build a bright future? Be proactive by addressing the following top challenges for hvac contractors.

Which policies are right for you?

With our diverse network of top-rated carriers, we can write any insurance program tailored to your risks.

Commercial Auto

Coverage for vehicles used for business purposes

Equipment Insurance

Coverage for equipment and tools being transported on land

workers compensation insurance

Workers' Comp

Coverage for your employees from the financial impact of workplace injuries

General Liability

Protection against claims of personal injury or physical damage

Builder's Risk

Protection for buildings and structures during construction or renovation

Umbrella Coverage

Protection from losses that exceed the limits of your other policies

More than an insurance agent:
Our Consultative Approach

As your construction operation grows, your risks compound. Leif’s in-house experts help you create risk and bond strategies tailored to your business.

At Leif, we use a consultative approach to provide ongoing guidance. Our proven five-step process ensures your risk management plan aligns with your goals.


HVAC Contractor FAQs

Many factors influence our insurance strategy. At the beginning of your partnership with Leif, we’ll conduct a comprehensive risk assessment. Based on our findings, we might recommend:

Most contractors must also have surety bonds to work on government projects.

These two policies both protect your business from liability, but the types of liability they cover are different. General liability covers accidents and property damage caused by your business, while professional liability (also called errors & omissions insurance) covers claims of professional mistakes or negligence.

Put simply, general liability covers physical risks while professional liability covers service-based risks. HVAC contractors can benefit from both.

A Certificate of Insurance is a document verifying your insurance coverage. It provides proof to clients and other partners that your business has adequate insurance. Clients might ask you to provide a COI before starting work or entering into a contract.

Every year, thousands of construction workers are injured on the job. Even if your employees know how to work safely, incentives like finishing quickly can lead them to make unsafe choices.

That’s why every business needs a safety program with documented policies and procedures, regular training, incident reporting, and an investment in safe equipment.

In addition to the invaluable outcome of saving lives, a safety program also benefits your business by:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Improving employee morale and reducing turnover
  • Strengthening your company’s reputation
  • Reducing your legal liability
  • Improving your claims experience, reducing insurance costs over time

Controlling insurance spend is a top priority for contractors. The best way to control costs is to get a thorough, accurate, and real-time view of your business’s risk.


By partnering with construction experts to assess your risk and collect data using fleet management technology.

This information helps you improve safety, streamline maintenance, and boost efficiency. It also qualifies you for discounts based on safe operator behavior – and it’s only available from Leif.

A bond is a three-party contract between you (the principal), your client (the obligee), and the surety provider. If you fail to perform according to the contract terms, the surety will step in to fulfill your obligation.

In this event, the surety provider will expect to be made whole via the indemnity agreement, which is both a corporate and personal guarantee from you to the surety.

Surety bonds can boost your revenue and fuel your growth as a general contractor by:

  • Allowing you to bid on larger and more complex projects
  • Improving your reputation
  • Helping you build the company’s financial strength and generational wealth

Bonds are required on all public projects and many private commercial projects. Our in-house bond underwriters can help you secure the bonds you need and increase your bonding capacity to win bigger projects.

construction workers

Personalized serviceyou can count on, every time

We deliver exceptional service across all lines of insurance by promising to:

  • Identify coverage gaps and quickly secure new policies
  • Partner with strong carriers to offer the best program available
  • Respond quickly to calls, texts, and chat during business hours
  • Offer after-hours claims consultation for 24/7 emergency support
  • Deliver most COIs within 2 business hours and bonds overnight
  • Create a strategy to maximize your bond capacity for growth

Whether you’re a large multi-state firm, local trade contractor, or something in between – you can hold us to our promise.