Workers' Compensation Insurance

Protect your business and your employees if a work-related injury occurs.

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Coverage for contractors against work-related injury claims

Workers’ compensation insurance protects both employers and employees against the financial impact of workplace injuries. It covers medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation, and other expenses related on-the-job injuries.

Our team assisted a large multi-state contractor with their operations by controlling their experience mod and structuring their workers’ comp policy to provide the necessary coverage while also achieving significant savings.
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Address the following risks with workers’ comp insurance

Contractors face unique challenges that make workers’ comp coverage absolutely essential.

  • Legal requirements and OSHA compliance: While work comp requirements vary by state, most contractors are legally required to have it.
  • High injury rates: Construction is one of the most dangerous industries. Workers face hazards like falls, heavy machinery, and repetitive strain.
  • Complex subcontractor relationships: Injured subs without their own work comp policy may try to pursue injury claims against you.
  • Tight margins: Construction is a highly competitive field. One or two jobsite injuries without work comp coverage could drain your earnings.

Our construction specialists will tailor an insurance program to your business addressing these risks and more.

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Master workers’ comp complexities with the experts

We know construction – and we know it can be challenging to navigate workers’ comp premium audits and your experience modification factor. We’ll be on your side every step of the way to make sure your questions are answered.

Your Leif team provides the following services, included in your partnership.

  • E-mod forecasting
  • Audit assistance
  • Claims consulting and analysis
  • Exposure analysis
  • Safety education and training
  • OSHA compliance and reporting

Safety-focused contractors receive more discounts.

Today, we have technology proven to reduce risk. This gives safety-focused contractors an opportunity for better coverage at lower rates. Here’s how we use innovative insurance solutions, AKA: Real-Time Risk Management, to help contractors boost productivity, protect their operations, and win more jobs.


Reduce risk and costs across all lines of insurance

Fleet management technology impacts more than your equipment insurance. Connected assets reduce risk across the board.

Objective dashcam footage of incidentsFewer paid auto claims =

Operator behavior warnings =Fewer commercial insurance claims

Location and usage data = Fewer theft and third-party liability claims

Timely maintenance =Less downtime and loss of use claims

With an improved claims experience and a proven commitment to managing risk, you’re in the best position for the best rates. We’ll help you get them.

Multi-state coverage for contractors of all trades


Workers' Comp FAQs

Workers’ compensation insurance provides medical, wage, and other financial benefits to employees who are injured or become ill on the job. This type of coverage is legally required for most construction businesses. Workers comp mandates and benefits vary by state.

Workers comp insurance covers injuries and illnesses that arise in the course and scope of the claimant’s job. Many claims are cut and dry, but some require a claim investigation to determine their compensability. For example, a worker who cut his hand on a table saw would be clearly covered by the policy. But an employee who twisted her ankle jogging and then agitated the injury on the jobsite would likely not see the same level of compensability.

Workers’ compensation insurance is mandated for many businesses by state law. The requirements for the construction industry are generally stricter than others due to the high-risk nature of the work. It’s important to know that if a subcontractor performing work for you is injured, you may be liable for the injury as if they were your employee.

Your business’s history of workers’ compensation claims can impact your ability to bid on and win contracts. Every organization has an experience modification factor that compares its loss history to that of similar businesses in the industry. If your company has a better-than-average claims experience, your e-mod will be less than one. If your claims experience is worse than average, it will be more than one. Many projects, including government contracts, require bidding contractors to have an e-mod less than one.

Usually, owners and officers are covered by a business’s workers’ compensation policy by default. However, many states allow them to exclude themselves from coverage. The laws governing officer exclusion vary by state. They may permit officer exclusion for companies with less than a certain number of officers, or have guidelines for specific industries like construction and nonprofit. Your agent can help you navigate your options for officer exclusion.

Controlling insurance spend is a top priority for general contractors. The best way to control costs is to get a thorough, accurate, and real-time view of your business’s risk.


By partnering with construction experts to assess your risk and collect data using fleet management technology.

This information helps you improve safety, streamline maintenance, and boost efficiency. It also qualifies you for discounts based on safe operator behavior – and it’s only available from Leif.

More than an insurance agent:
Our Consultative Approach

As your construction operation grows, your risks compound. Leif’s in-house experts help you create risk and bond strategies tailored to your business.

At Leif, we use a consultative approach to provide ongoing guidance. Our proven five-step process ensures your risk management plan aligns with your goals.

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Personalized serviceyou can count on, every time

We deliver exceptional service across all lines of insurance by promising to:

  • Identify coverage gaps and quickly secure new policies
  • Partner with strong carriers to offer the best program available
  • Respond quickly to calls, texts, and chat during business hours
  • Offer after-hours claims consultation for 24/7 emergency support
  • Deliver most COIs within 2 business hours and bonds overnight
  • Create a strategy to maximize your bond capacity for growth

Whether you’re a large multi-state firm, local trade contractor, or something in between – you can hold us to our promise.