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We serve contractors. That’s it. Our expertise is in helping you protect your business and save on insurance costs.

Multi-state coverage for large national contractors, local trade operations, and everything in between




This contractor was not accepted as a standard risk.  After being educated on the benefits of fleet management technology and committing to installing it on its 62 units, Leif was able to move the company to the standard market and reduce its equipment insurance by 48%.

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Business owner experienced 293% increase in revenue and was no longer confident with their insurance program. Leif’s consultative risk management process resulted in a partial adoption of fleet management technology to help manage its growing list of assets and qualify for Leif’s exclusive programs – a 58% rate reduction.

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A business owner outgrew their current plan with excess markets and struggled to secure coverage because the business was deemed an unattractive risk. Leif helped them understand why it was not an attractive risk for standard markets and guided them to make significant operational changes. This resulted in a more secure program that excess markets were willing to accept. Ultimately, these improvements led to a substantial total savings of 64%

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5 days before the closing, we received a call to assist with a restructuring of ownership that was in progress. By utilizing the dashcams already installed in their vehicles, Leif could offer comparable coverage at a savings of $62,000 while increasing umbrella coverage by $2 million.

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The construction business owner bought a jet for his growing company.  Due to pilot experience, the only option was a $ 10 million liability limit for $500,000.  Leif with a short fuse went to work and secured a $100 mil liability limit for $99,550.

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(North Carolina)


Our team assisted a large multi-state contractor with their operations in North Carolina by controlling their experience mod and structuring their workers’ comp policy to provide the necessary coverage while also achieving significant savings.

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The client was growing so fast that they qualified for a lower rating tier.  Rather than wait for a sticker shock at the audit, Leif negotiated a cancel/re-write on the GL at a 10% reduction in rate.

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Provided a comprehensive review of coverage for a Nebraska-based utility contractor with operations in multiple states that resulted in over $30,000 in savings on their annual equipment insurance and rental costs.

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A client was facing a large inland marine policy audit balance due to the timing of large equipment acquisition.  Leif was able to negotiate different audit provision policy terms which resulted in over 35% savings for the client.

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The contractor reached out the day before they had a $15MM job bidding in Colorado as a hail mary and asked if it was possible to turn around a $15MM job in a day. By 1:30 financials were in for final underwriting and by 5:30 pm the contractor had the bond in hand so he could jump on an airplane to get to the bid by bid opening at 2 pm the next day.  The contractor said his agent had three weeks and could only tell me no.  You are giving me the yes and handing me bonds in less than 6 hours

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(New York)


Increased a contractor’s aggregate surety program from $30MM to $100MM and a single job from $10MM to $40MM

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Whether you’re a large contractor seeking a single-parent captive program, or a local operation in need of a fully-insured plan – if you’re a contractor, we are for you! In-house construction experts in:

  • Surety bond underwriting
  • Safety and claims consulting
  • Construction risk transfer
  • Contract review
  • Quick COI delivery
Large national contractor

Which policies are right for you?

With our diverse network of top-rated carriers we can write any insurance program tailored to your risks.

Commercial Auto

Coverage for vehicles used for business purposes

Equipment Insurance

Coverage for equipment and tools being transported on land

workers compensation insurance

Workers' Comp

Coverage for your employees from the financial impact of workplace injuries

General Liability

Protection against claims of personal injury or physical damage

Builder's Risk

Protection for buildings and structures during construction or renovation

Umbrella Coverage

Protection from losses that exceed the limits of your other policies

Safety-focused contractors receive more discounts.

Today, we have technology proven to reduce risk. This gives safety-focused contractors an opportunity for better coverage at lower rates. Here’s how we use innovative insurance solutions, AKA: Real-Time Risk Management, to help contractors boost productivity, protect their operations, and win more jobs.


In-house Surety Bond Underwriting

Leif’s bond underwriters have long-term relationships with the best surety companies for contractors.

We’ll develop a strategy to increase your bond capacity, so you can:

  • Bid on larger projects
  • Improve profitability
  • Win more jobs!

With full access to our in-house bond team, you can be sure you have the bond capacity you deserve and is compliant for each project. We promise overnight delivery for most new bonds.

Take control of your risk today, for tomorrow

Working with an agency that specializes in construction is about more than writing your insurance.

It’s about having a partner that understands your challenges and tailors solutions just for you. We believe your construction insurance program should be as unique as your business.

With Leif’s innovative and consultative strategies we’ll work together to reduce your risk – improving safety and productivity in the process.

Our goal is to save you money and help you position your business for long-term growth.

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Personalized serviceyou can count on, every time

We deliver exceptional service across all lines of insurance by promising to:

  • Identify coverage gaps and quickly secure new policies
  • Partner with strong carriers to offer the best program available
  • Respond quickly to calls, texts, and chat during business hours
  • Offer after-hours claims consultation for 24/7 emergency support
  • Deliver most COIs within 2 business hours and bonds overnight
  • Create a strategy to maximize your bond capacity for growth

Whether you’re a large multi-state firm, local trade contractor, or something in between – you can hold us to our promise.