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The data is in: T3 improves safety

We’ve collected 250,000,000 miles’ worth of driving data. (That’s roughly the distance from here to Mars.)

What has all that data taught us? We’ve found that fleet management technology reduces collisions per million miles driven by 10%. We know it works. That’s why we have the confidence to give T3 users lower insurance rates.

Leif customer saves $62,000 on premium

“My company operates 14 semi-trucks hauling ethanol in the Midwest. I invested in dashcam technology to be a more efficient and safe operation but I was not getting any benefit on my insurance program until I met the folks at Leif. Leif increased my umbrella coverage $2 million and saved us $62,000 on commercial auto spend.”

Save up to 15% on Commercial Auto

T3’s dashcam technology helps you reduce claims and demonstrate to carriers that you prioritize fleet safety.


With real-time access to this information, you reduce risk and increase efficiency by:

  • Using the objective footage to resolve claims and mitigate disputes
  • Locating lost or stolen vehicles
  • Implementing employee training to improve driver behaviors

Your insurance rates should reflect your safety measures.


Save up to 50% on Equipment Insurance

When you rent or buy from EquipmentShare, each machine comes equipped with T3 fleet management technology. That automatically qualifies you for lower Equipment Insurance rates. 

This technology provides real-time insights on stolen and misplaced equipment, maintenance downtime, catastrophic breakdowns, and reckless operators.

Real-time insights are proven to reduce risk by helping you:

  • Anticipate mechanical issues
  • Implement employee training to improve driver behaviors
  • Increase efficiency

Shouldn’t your equipment insurance rates reflect that?

Recent Success . . .

A contractor pays $7,080 annually to install fleet management technology on 62 pieces of equipment.

This investment reduced their equipment insurance rate 48% when they switched to Leif’s exclusive equipment insurance product.

Leif’s rate reduction on the equipment schedule value of $3.7mil saved the contractor $14,430 annually on their equipment insurance.

Reduce costs across all lines of insurance

Fleet management tools help you reduce risk across the board. Get ahead of the game as the industry shifts to data-driven pricing on workers’ compensation, inland marine, commercial auto, and more.


Which policies are right for you?

With our diverse network of top-rated carriers, we can write any insurance program tailored to your risks.

Commercial Auto

Coverage for vehicles used for business purposes

Equipment Insurance

Coverage for equipment and tools being transported on land

workers compensation insurance

Workers' Comp

Coverage for your employees from the financial impact of workplace injuries

General Liability

Protection against claims of personal injury or physical damage

Builder's Risk

Protection for buildings and structures during construction or renovation

Umbrella Coverage

Protection from losses that exceed the limits of your other policies

Equipment insurance vs. rental protection plan

RPP works in a pinch, but equipment insurance protects your bottom line. If you own at least one piece of equipment and spend more than $8k per year on rental, you’re likely spending too much on RPP.

Why RPP costs you more for less comprehensive coverage

Equipment insurance protects rented equipment in transit, stored offsite, and in operation. It provides broad coverage, including vandalism, misuse, and natural disasters.

RPP provides limited protection for the rented equipment while in your possession, but it can leave you responsible for excluded incidents. The rental company might require it if you don’t have sufficient insurance to cover the equipment.

Purchasing RPP might be the quick solution, but carrying equipment insurance and providing the certificate of insurance upon rental is a better way to protect your business from the unexpected.

Reach out to learn more about Leif’s equipment insurance policy built specifically for contractors.

EquipmentShare Customer FAQs

Smart equipment, or telematics, refers to technology-enabled tools and machinery with built-in sensors, communication, and software. These tools provide real-time monitoring, AI learning, and data analysis. The results: Better decision-making, increased productivity, and a safer job site

Connectivity with telematics and smart equipment provides insights like asset location, operator behavior, and maintenance warnings. This robust information helps you reduce insurance claims and lower your rates over time. In addition, investing in smart equipment shows your insurance carrier you’re committed to reducing risk, which can earn you discounts and position you favorably with your underwriter.

No, you don’t have to be a tech expert to use today’s telematics tools. They’re designed to be easy to use, with built-in dashboards that give you a quick look at the most important information. You can monitor your assets, materials, and people with a few clicks. No IT degree required.

Our equipment insurance is a broad-ranging policy that covers damaged or missing equipment and tools. This coverage extends to powered equipment like bulldozers and loaders, as well as hand tools like drills and nail guns. It also covers tools in transit. With Leif, you don’t need specialized policies like work trailer or hand tool insurance. It’s all covered under your equipment insurance policy.

Most contractors find Leif’s equipment insurance policy to be miles ahead of other options on the market. Here are a few key differences:

  • Using our technology qualifies you for data-driven discounts up to 50%
  • Our policy covers catastrophic exposures
  • If your equipment gets stolen with our GPS tracker installed, we’ll waive your deductible

To purchase equipment insurance, just get in touch and we’ll take it from there. Our service promise starts with your first call, text, or chat.

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Personalized serviceyou can count on, every time

We deliver exceptional service across all lines of insurance by promising to:

  • Identify coverage gaps and quickly secure new policies
  • Partner with strong carriers to offer the best program available
  • Respond quickly to calls, texts, and chat during business hours
  • Offer after-hours claims consultation for 24/7 emergency support
  • Deliver most COIs within 2 business hours and bonds overnight
  • Create a strategy to maximize your bond capacity for growth

Whether you’re a large multi-state firm, local trade contractor, or something in between – you can hold us to our promise.

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